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Country Wide Seed have made many price changes affecting the BS deal and the welcome news is that the vast majority of the Seed advertised on the back page of the “Budgerigar” magazine have seen a reduction in prices.

These are very competitive prices we have negotiated for our members and to enjoy these excellent prices then orders for a minimum 55 bags can be made via the Society Administrator on 01828 633030. If this quantity is too much to order then a minimum of 30 bags can be ordered however a further £1 per bag will be added to the prices shown on the Advert.

Country Wide Seed will have their lorry at the BS Club Show over the weekend of 15 & 16 November at the Dome, Doncaster where stock will be sold at the new prices. If you wish to pre-order any seed then please contact Steve at Country Wide on 01275 463496.

The details of the price changes are noted below:-



Special Budgie was £15 now £14.

Society Blend was £16 now £15.

Best Budgie was £16.50 now £15.

Champion Budgie was £17 now £16.

Reaney Budgie Breeders Mix was £18 now £17.

VAM Budgie Breeders Mix was £20 now £19.

Germination Soak Seed was £16.20 now £15.

Naked Oats was £14.15 now £14.

White Millet was £11.45 now £11.

Beyers Dakota Pearl White Millet was £20 now £18.

Plain Canary Seed was £15.95 now £15.

Garden Wild Bird Food was £10.80 now £10.


Japanese Millet was £14.50 now £16.00

Gold Chip Cage & Aviary Premium Bedding was £13.50 now £14.


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